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Consistency in the presence of nonstationarity? Single time-series vs two-level panel data

Dernière mise à jour : 3 janv. 2023

  • No cointegration:

    • Single time-series (y_t=\alpha+x_t\beta): Spurious regression, OLS inconsistent (Hamilton, 1994 pg. 592).

    • Two-level panel-data:

      • Model without individual fixed effects (y_it=x_it\beta): Pooled OLS is a consistent estimator of the long-run average regression coefficient (Baltagi, 2006 pg. 291; Phillips and Moon, 1999 pg. 1072).

  • Cointegration:

    • Single time-series (y_t=\alpha+x_t\beta): OLS consistent estimator of the linear projection of (Hamilton, 1994 pg. 592).

    • Two-level panel-data:

      • Model with individual fixed effects (y_it=\alpha_i+x_it\beta with x_it=x_it-1+e_it): Panel Fully modified OLS is consistent. Within-OLS is inconsistent. (Baltagi, 2015 pg. 48)


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